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Watermelon Toothpaste 60g

139,00 kr

Hi by Hismile is a range of toothpastes that make everyday life a little more fun and colourful! Hi by Hismile offers exciting new flavors that will make you and the whole family think brushing your teeth is much more fun. Watermelon, peach iced tea or maybe mango sorbet, well there is something for everyone! All taste with a hint of mint to still give that clean and fresh feeling.

Imagine eating the same old meal every morning, every night, every day. A single taste for the rest of your life... Totally unthinkable, right? Still, you're probably using the same old toothpaste you've always used, at least the same old flavor! Think how boring your teeth must be. Desperate to taste something else!


  • Apply toothpaste to the toothbrush.
  • Brush for 2 minutes and then spit out.