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V34 Color Corrector Powder 12g

214,00 kr

V34 Color Corrector Powder is a powder that counteracts yellow undertones and discoloration on your teeth. The white powder turns purple when wet. As purple is the direct opposite of yellow, this is the best way to counteract yellow tones on the teeth.

This brightening treatment will hide yellow spots and instantly give you a whiter smile.

  • A whiter smile in just 30 seconds
  • Simple tooth brushing in powder form
  • Safe for enamel and gums

Heard of silver shampoo? You probably haven't tried it on your teeth! This is how it works:

  • Color correction always starts with the color wheel, where purple and yellow end up opposite each other and are thus opposite poles of each other.
  • Using purple on your teeth will neutralize yellow undertones and make them disappear.
  • This makes the teeth look whiter.

Is teeth whitening new to you or have you already whitened your teeth? V34 suits you anyway. Use V34 after using the Hismile Teeth Whitening Kit or use the product as a first step for a whiter smile.

V34 Color Corrector is available in 3 different variants:

  • Hismile V34 Color Corrector (Serum): 2 minute treatment and strong color correction
  • Hismile V34 Color Corrector Powder: 30 second treatment and medium color correction.
  • Hismile V34 Color Corrector Foam: 15 second treatment and light color correction.


  • Wet the toothbrush and shake off excess water.
  • Dip the toothbrush into the powder glass so that the brush gets an even coating.
  • Brush thoroughly for 30 seconds.
  • Spit out and then rinse your mouth and toothbrush with water.
  • Gently brush away any remaining color.